Enduro GP of Portugal


UFO Corse Yamaha rider Stefan Merriman saw his lead in the Enduro 2 World Enduro Championship disappear on the opening day when the Australian rider was forced to retire after injuring his left knee. Landing awkwardly from a jump, the reigning Enduro 1 world champion had no option but to retire from the day, scoring no championship points, before returning to competition on day two and claiming victory ahead of his championship rival Samuli Aro.

With Merriman failing to finish day one it was the Aro (KTM) who claimed victory, the Finn also took over the lead in the E2 world championship, after coming out on top of a close fought battle with Frenchman Fabien Planet. Claiming third was Italian Alessandro Botturi. On day two less than two seconds separated winner Merriman from his championship rival Aro as the pair placed ahead of Planet by some 30 seconds. After two rounds of the championship Aro holds a seven point lead over Planet with Merriman a further seven points behind.

Stefan Merriman (UFO Corse Yamaha) Day 1: DNF, Day 2: First
“On day one I landed from a jump into a corner and put my foot down because my bike slipped away from me a little bit. That tweaked my left knee really badly. It gave way underneath me and I heard a cracking noise, which people have told me happens when you damage ligaments in your knee. I was in incredible pain at the time but I tried to continue for another couple of hundred meters but the pain didn’t go away. I could only stand on one leg so there was no way I could race on. I stopped, which was disappointing, but I didn’t really have a choice. The doctor gave me some really strong pain killers for day two but I was finding it really difficult to ride and I thought that there was no way I was going to be able to continue. Thankfully the painkillers started to work and I was able to ride ok. I had to push and try and win because it is impossible to ride at 90 per cent just to try and get some points. I just tried to forget about it as much as possible and the day went well. I didn’t make any big mistakes and managed to win.”

Andrea Beconi (UFO Corse Yamaha) Day 1: 10th, Day 2: 10th
“Day one was going quite good for the first two laps and I was in sixth place and getting some really good times on the motocross test. But then I stalled the engine on the extreme special test on the last lap, which lost me 20 seconds and put me in 10th position. Day two wasn’t so good. My times on the motocross special tests were good again but I was losing too much time on the extreme tests. I finished in 10th again but I’m a little disappointed because I could have done better.”

Race classification Enduro 2
Round: 2 – Grand Prix of Portugal
Circuit: Fatima

Race: 3 Laps 
Pos.  Rider Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time 
1   S. Aro KTM  FIN  29′ 39.040 
2   F. Planet KTM  FRA  +29′ 50.480 
3   A. Botturi KTM  ITA  +30′ 2.240 
4   A. Eriksson Husqvarna  SWE  +30′ 7.570 
5   B. Carlsson HusaBerg  SWE  +30′ 23.050 
6   J. Mattila Beta  FIN  +30′ 25.890 
7   H. Rodrigues GasGas  ESP  +30′ 28.150 
8   M. Aaltonen GasGas  FIN  +30′ 28.850 
9   P. Goncalves Honda  POR  +30′ 41.130 
10   A. Beconi Yamaha  FRA  +30′ 46.700 
11   P. Whibely GasGas  NZL  +30′ 46.790 
12   E. McConnell Honda  GBR  +30′ 51.640 
13   J.F.. Goblet GasGas  BEL  +30′ 52.060 
14   D. Frétigne Yamaha  FRA  +30′ 57.280 
15   A. Belotti Husqvarna  ITA  +31′ 20.870 
16   G. Falgari Husqvarna  ITA  +31′ 38.650 
17   S. Arvis Suzuki  FRA  +31′ 43.270 
18   L. Bouffioux Sherco  FRA  +31′ 50.410 
19   M. Vukcevic Sherco  BEL  +31′ 57.180 
20   M. Patrao Yamaha  ITA  +31′ 0.110 

Race 2: 3 Laps 
Pos.  Rider Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time 
1   S. Merriman Yamaha  AUS  36′ 11.520 
2   S. Aro KTM  FIN  +36′ 12.930 
3   F. Planet KTM  FRA  +36′ 42.160 
4   A. Botturi KTM  ITA  +36′ 58.030 
5   A. Eriksson Husqvarna  SWE  +37′ 1.590 
6   B. Carlsson HusaBerg  SWE  +37′ 6.410 
7   H. Rodrigues GasGas  ESP  +37′ 23.170 
8   P. Goncalves Honda  POR  +37′ 41.150 
9   J. Mattila Beta  FIN  +37′ 43.860 
10   A. Beconi Yamaha  FRA  +37′ 46.790 
11   D. Frétigne Yamaha  FRA  +37′ 55.330 
12   J.F.. Goblet GasGas  BEL  +37′ 58.580 
13   M. Aaltonen GasGas  FIN  +38′ 3.740 
14   P. Whibely GasGas  NZL  +38′ 16.770 
15   G. Canova Husqvarna  ITA  +38′ 23.130 
16   A. Belotti Husqvarna  ITA  +38′ 30.950 
17   G. Falgari Husqvarna  ITA  +38′ 57.960 
18   M. Patrao Yamaha  ITA  +39′ 10.510 
19   S. Arvis Suzuki  FRA  +39′ 22.740 
20   S. Ekert HusaBerg  GER  +39′ 38.760 

Championship standings Enduro 2
Pos.  Rider  Manufacturer  Nat. Points 
1   Samuli Aro KTM  FIN 89 
2   Fabien Planet KTM  FRA 82 
3   Stefan Merriman Yamaha  AUS 75 
4   Anders Eriksson Husqvarna  SWE 68 
5   Alessandro Botturi KTM  ITA 63 
6   Björne Carlsson HusaBerg  SWE 62 
7   Helder Rodrigues GasGas  ESP 59 
8   Andrea Beconi Yamaha  FRA 44 
9   David Frétigne Yamaha  FRA 40 
10   Paul Whibely GasGas  NZL 39 
11   Jari Mattila Beta  FIN 38 
12   Jean-François Goblet GasGas  BEL 35 
13   Euan McConnell Honda  GBR 28 
14   Paulo Goncalves Honda  POR 25 
15   Andrea Belotti Husqvarna  ITA 23 
16   Miska Aaltonen GasGas  FIN 21 
17   Giuliano Falgari Husqvarna  ITA 15 
18   Miki Arpa Husqvarna  ESP 15 
19   Sebastien Arvis Suzuki  FRA 15 
20   Sascha Ekert HusaBerg  GER 14 
Manufacturers standings Enduro 2

Pos. Manufacturer Points 
1  KTM 91 
2  Yamaha 86 
3  Husqvarna 69 
4  HusaBerg 62 
5  GasGas 59 
6  Honda 44 
7  Suzuki 15 
8  Sherco 10 
Enduro 1 : Solid results for Oblucki and Germain

Round: 2 – Grand Prix of Portugal
Circuit: Fatima
Date: 9 April 2005

Disappointingly UFO Corse Yamaha rider Bartosz Oblucki struggled to perform at his best finishing in seventh on both days of the GP of Portugal, staged in Fatima. Spaniard Ivan Cervantes extended his lead in the Enduro 1 class of the ’05 FIM World Enduro Championship with a strong double class victory topping day one by just over 20 seconds, the KTM rider then placed 21 seconds ahead on day two to claim his second double class win in as many races. Cervantes now sits 26 points clear at the top of the Enduro 1 championship. With conditions much drier than at the season opener in Spain, it was Italians Simone Albergoni and Alessandro Belometti who claimed the runner-up and third place spots respectively on both days. Yamaha Moto France rider Marc Germain finished in fifth and sixth positions. 

Bartosz Oblucki (UFO Corse Yamaha) Day 1: seventh, Day 2: seventh
“After my disappointing results in Spain I was ready to really push as hard as I could here in Portugal but as soon as I did I started to have problems. My test times were really bad and I felt like I was going to crash at any moment. It didn’t matter what I tried I struggled to ride the way I wanted to. Day two was the same in the beginning. I pushed hard but again my test times were really bad and after that I decided to try riding much calmer. Immediately my test times improved. They shouldn’t have because I wasn’t pushing anywhere near as hard as I could have but my special test times were better. Then on the last lap we made some changes to my suspension and I was quicker again. It shouldn’t have made a huge difference but it did. Now I know that I have some work to do before the race in Italy, where hopefully I will be able to push like I want to do and still feel confident with my bike. I’m sure things will be better for the world championship race in Italy.”

Marc Germain (Yamaha France) Day 1: Fifth, Day 2: Sixth
“Day one was not so bad for me. My problem was that I was too slow in the extreme special test. No matter how hard I pushed I couldn’t be any quicker, which meant that because it was so close between all the riders on the other tests I was always trying to catch back up to them. I wasn’t fast enough to win I think I was fast enough to finish on the podium. I made two more mistakes on the extreme test on day two. Because of that I wasn’t able to fight for the podium positions. Apart from that I am happy with my riding because I know that I have the speed to finish inside the top three. If I can improve my riding on the extreme tests then I know that my results will get stronger. I need to be a little faster in the mornings because you can’t afford to have any slow tests.”
Race classification Enduro 1
Round: 2 – Grand Prix of Portugal
Circuit: Fatima

Race: 3 Laps 
Pos.  Rider Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time 
1   I. Cervantes KTM  ESP  29′ 15.690 
2   S. Albergoni Honda  ITA  +29′ 35.260 
3   A. Belometti KTM  ITA  +29′ 37.720 
4   P. Edmondson Honda  GBR  +29′ 56.050 
5   M. Germain Yamaha  FRA  +29′ 57.650 
6   P. Silvan KTM  FIN  +30′ 4.010 
7   B. Oblucki Yamaha  POL  +30′ 4.560 
8   R. Larsson TM  ITA  +30′ 4.980 
9   S. Tonelli Yamaha  ITA  +30′ 27.050 
10   R. Michalik TM  CZE  +30′ 34.940 
11   N. Deparrois Husqvarna  FRA  +30′ 37.440 
12   J. Gauthier Husqvarna  FRA  +30′ 42.970 
13   M. Saarenkoski Husqvarna  FIN  +30′ 43.560 
14   M. Micheluz Yamaha  ITA  +30′ 45.900 
15   P. Bergvall Yamaha  SWE  +30′ 47.150 
16   P. Duzellier Suzuki  FRA  +30′ 58.100 
17   D. Telini Yamaha  ITA  +31′ 13.860 
18   M. Szuster Honda  POL  +31′ 25.990 
19   M. Hartmann KTM  GER  +31′ 30.030 
20   J. Jou Yamaha  ESP  +31′ 30.370 

Race 2: 3 Laps 
Pos.  Rider Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time 
1   I. Cervantes KTM  ESP  36′ 26.660 
2   S. Albergoni Honda  ITA  +36′ 47.940 
3   A. Belometti KTM  ITA  +36′ 50.380 
4   P. Silvan KTM  FIN  +36′ 58.440 
5   P. Edmondson Honda  GBR  +37′ 13.060 
6   M. Germain Yamaha  FRA  +37′ 17.520 
7   B. Oblucki Yamaha  POL  +37′ 26.120 
8   R. Larsson TM  ITA  +37′ 54.140 
9   S. Tonelli Yamaha  ITA  +37′ 54.730 
10   M. Micheluz Yamaha  ITA  +37′ 57.000 
11   N. Deparrois Husqvarna  FRA  +38′ 13.930 
12   M. Szuster Honda  POL  +38′ 26.740 
13   J. Gauthier Husqvarna  FRA  +38′ 49.230 
14   M. Pievani Yamaha  ITA  +38′ 54.420 
15   M. Hartmann KTM  GER  +38′ 55.250 
16   D. Telini Yamaha  ITA  +39′ 10.050 
17   P. Cagnoni Suzuki  ITA  +39′ 21.410 
18   R. Hubers Yamaha  NED  +39′ 22.230 
19   M. Olsen Kawasaki  SWE  +39′ 27.640 
20   P. Duzellier Suzuki  FRA  +39′ 37.450 

Championship standings Enduro 1
Pos.  Rider  Manufacturer  Nat. Points 
1   Ivan Cervantes KTM  ESP 100 
2   Alessandro Belometti KTM  ITA 74 
3   Simone Albergoni Honda  ITA 72 
4   Paul Edmondson Honda  GBR 70 
5   Marc Germain Yamaha  FRA 68 
6   Petteri Silvan KTM  FIN 64 
7   Richard Larsson TM  ITA 61 
8   Bartosz Oblucki Yamaha  POL 58 
9   Simone Tonelli Yamaha  ITA 41 
10   Maurizio Micheluz Yamaha  ITA 36 
11   Peter Bergvall Yamaha  SWE 30 
12   Nicolas Deparrois Husqvarna  FRA 27 
13   Roman Michalik TM  CZE 25 
14   Julien Gauthier Husqvarna  FRA 25 
15   Mike Hartmann KTM  GER 24 
16   Xacob Agra Yamaha  ESP 23 
17   Michal Szuster Honda  POL 17 
18   Daniele Telini Yamaha  ITA 13 
19   Marcus Olsen Kawasaki  SWE 13 
20   Manuel Pievani Yamaha  ITA 11 
26   Joan Jou Yamaha  ESP 1 
27   David Lopez Yamaha  ESP 1 
Manufacturers standings Enduro 1

Pos. Manufacturer Points 
1  KTM 100 
2  Honda 84 
3  Yamaha 69 
4  TM 62 
5  Husqvarna 32 
6  Suzuki 10 
7  Kawasaki 2  

Info photo Yamaha Racing


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