Husqvarna Supermotard team 2005


Husqvarna, in this new Racing Season that is ready to start, has one unique goal: to win. This is the thought not only of the Factory, but also of every team’s rider who in the form of this press folder, under the 2005 goals section, filled in with no doubts: to win in all classes and championships.

The technical manager of this important mission is the Husqvarna Factory engineer Manfredi Fenici who will be assisted by the Husqvarna Cross 2R Team Manager Marcello Bivio who has been assigned the job of external management of the bikes, the sport management and the logistics management.

Bivio will also be the coach of the four official riders: Gerald Delepine, Davide Gozzini, Ivan Lazzarini and Eddy Seel. Gerald Delepine, number three in the World Championship 2004 S1 class, will race again in the category that he prefers and in which he gained experiences and success, but never the number 1 plate that he’s trying to win since a long time. Gerald will have a new teammate in the S1 class: Ivan Lazzarini, Italian Champion in charge. Ivan is the new entry in the Cross 2R squad and he already showed his competitive spirit last season when he conquered the 5th final place.

Both the riders will be assigned the new version of the Husqvarna SMR 660, which has been greatly developed both in the propulsion and in the frame.

The cure of the Schiranna technicians have improved the performance and power of a racing machine which is destined to be a point of reference for the whole category.

In the new S2 class, opened to 450cc motorcycles, Husqvarna decided to put together a young and talented rider with a racer with extreme skills and experience: the outstanding Davide Gozzini and the 2003 World Champion Eddy Seel.

Seel will have the duty to develop the SMR 450 and to focus on the victory of the title which would dubbed him Champion of the whole category.

Gozzini underwent to an operation to his right crossed ligaments at the end of last year and will have to wait patiently for the beginning of the Supermoto World Championship that is fixed for May 1st in Castelletto di Branduzzo.

All the Husqvarna Cross 2R Team’s four riders will take part in their respective classes to the Italian and World Championship and Eddy Seel will also bring the Husqvarna brand to some tests at the French, Japanese and American Championships.

An important role in the World Championship will be played by the Husqvarna importer for France SIMA and the German importer Zupin, who will be involved in the respective National Trophies.

Sima, since the beginning of Husqvarna Supermotard career, has been the talent scout for new racers. He will take to the World scene and to the French Championship highlights the brothers Adrien (20 years old) and Thomas (17 years old) Charyere, who will run in the 450 class, while the Zupin Team will be focused on the German Championship with Marc Oliver Nemeth and Markus Jell in the 450 class and Gerald Wartbichler, Michael Paul and Christian Schreyer in the Open class.

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