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Carmichael Wins First THQ World Supercross GP Race on a Suzuki. Ramsey Cleans House in 125cc Class – Mx2k

Carmichael Wins First THQ World Supercross GP Race on a Suzuki. Ramsey Cleans House in 125cc Class


Ricky Carmichael, of Havana, Fla., won the opening race of THQ World Supercross GP at Toronto’s SkyDome on his Suzuki motorcycle. KTM’s Nathan Ramsey won the 125cc main event.

Carmichael, who missed last supercross season with knee injury, edged out Honda’s Kyle Lewis for the holeshot award but was quickly passed by Lewis. At the end of lap one Carmichael secured the lead and rode to his first THQ World Supercross GP win on a Suzuki. Honda’s Mike LaRocco and Lewis battled until lap six when Lewis crashed over the finish line jump. LaRocco held on for second and Yamaha’s Tim Ferry made a charge at the end of the race to secure third place.

“I have good head start on the competition,” said Carmichael. “This race is important to me and the THQ World Supercross GP title is very important. I am going to continue to train and ride as hard as I can. It’s great to be back after missing the entire season last year.”

Ramsey, who is riding the first race KTM, earned the holeshot in the 125cc main event and led all 15 laps. Bobby Kiniry, who rides for Honda, finished second after chasing Ramsey for the entire race.

“My bike was great out of the gate,” said Ramsey. “Once I had the holeshot, it was all about riding smart. There were a lot of lappers tonight. On lap five, I ran into my first lapper and had to play it smart.”

THQ World Supercross GP

1.      Ricky Carmichael, Suzuki
2.      Mike LaRocco, Honda
3.      Tim Ferry, Yamaha
4.      Heath Voss, Yamaha
5.      Nick Wey, Honda
6.      Tyler Evans, Suzuki
7.      Keith Johnson, Yamaha
8.      Jason Thomas, Honda
9.      Damon Huffman, Honda
10.     Doug Dehaan, Honda

KTM Junior Supercross Challenge (KJSC)

1.      S. Anderson, KTM
2.      M. DaSilva, KTM
3.      B. Best, KTM
4.      F. Gaudreau, KTM
5.      T. Frappier, KTM
6.      M. Godkin, KTM
7.      K. Armstrong, KTM
8.      T. Balance, KTM
9.      Q. Rodgers, KTM
10.     D. Corbett, KTM
11.     W. Boyd, KTM
12.     W. Wrozyna, KTM
13.     S. Brazeau, KTM
14.     M. Williams, KTM
15.     D. Morphew, KTM

The two international races coupled with 15 of the domestic races (excluding the Daytona Supercross) comprise the 17-round THQ World Supercross GP. Last season Heath Voss, of Mico, Texas piloted his Mach 1 Yamaha to the THQ World Supercross GP championship, earning top honors and giving Yamaha its second world championship in as many seasons

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