David Vuillemin and Christophe Pourcel shine in Switzerland


Once more the Palexpo Hall located close to the International airport of Geneva (Switzerland) met thousands of fans (14500 each night) for the 19th edition of it’s Supercross. Round 8 of the SX Tour – French Championship, the event was a huge success; Christophe Pourcel won the 125 class, while David Vuillemin dominate the Open class.

Already crowned in the 125 class a week ago in Lyon, Benjamin Coisy had to share the wins with young teenager Christophe Pourcel (16 years old) who is doing his first Supercross season. Coisy stalled his engine during the main event on friday night, and only finished third behind Pourcel and Nicolas Aubin now racing on a Yamaha. Coisy took his revenge on saturday night, but Christophe Pourcel finished once more on the podium and won the overall classification. Missing the first rounds of the SX Tour – French Championship, Pourcel will finish the season on the podium as Pierre Alexandre Renet broke his wrist on a triple jump.

In the Open class David Vuillemin was the guest star, and nobody seemed able to compete against the factory Yamaha rider. But David crashed with his friend Stephan Demartis during the main event on friday night, and had to come back from the last position. He finally came second in the penultimate lap, and passed Jean Sébastien Roy before the finish line! His race was much easier on saturday, while Roy crashed in the opening lap…. Schnell got the holeshot and finished second, followed by Pascal Leuret; twice third, Leuret is now strongly leading the Open class standings and will probably got the title next week (friday and saturday) in Grenoble (France) for the 9th and last round of the serie.

125 Class. First night: 1 Christophe Pourcel (FRA, Kawasaki); 2.Nicolas Aubin (FRA, Yamaha) ; 3 Benjamin Coisy (FRA, Honda) ; 4.Julien Bill (SWI, KTM) ; 5.Fabien Izoird (FRA, KTM) ;  6.Pierre Alexandre Renet (FRA, Yamaha) ; 7.Arsène Torrès (FRA, Honda) ; 8.Brice Izzo (FRA, Yamaha) ; 9.Mickael Ferry (SWI, Yamaha) ; 10.Mattéo Bonini (ITA, Honda) ; etc….

Second night: 1.Benjamin Coisy ; 2.Christophe Pourcel ; 3.Brice Izzo ; 4.Timothy Roux (FRA, Yamaha) ; 5.Johan Marillier (FRA, Yamaha) ; 6.Mattéo Bonini ; 7.Nicolas Aubin ; 8.Khounsith Vongsana (FRA, Kawasaki) ; 9.Fabien Izoird ; 10 Arsène Torrès (Honda) ; etc…

Standings SX Tour 125 after 8 events (including foreigners): 1.Coisy, 297 pts; 2.Izoird, 191; 3.C.Pourcel, 136; 4.Renet, 136; 5.Lesage (FRA, Yamaha), 127; 6.Izzo 115; 7.Mercadier 103 ; 8.Guidetty (FRA, Yamaha), 104 ; 9.Torrès 78 ; 10.Aubin 72 ;  etc…..

Standings French Championship 125 after 8 events: 1.Coisy, 300 pts;2 Izoird, 197; 3.Renet, 142; 4.C.Pourcel 141; 5.Lesage, 130; 6.Izzo 127; 7.Mercadier 108; 8.Guidetty 104; 9.Torrès 88; 10.Aubin 85; etc….

Open Class. First night: 1.David Vuillemin (FRA, Yamaha); 2.Jean Sébastien Roy (CAN, Honda); 3.Pascal Leuret (FRA, Honda); 4.Chris Grosselar (USA, Suzuki); 5.Manuel Rivas (SPA, Honda); 6.Alexandre Rouis (FRA, Yamaha); 7.Cyrille Coulon (FRA, Suzuki); 8.Greg Schnell (USA, Honda); 9.Tony Begue (FRA, Yamaha); 10.Marc Ristori (SWI, Honda); etc….

Second night: 1.David Vuillemin; 2.Greg Schnell; 3.Pascal Leuret; 4.Cyrille Coulon; 5.Alexandre Rouis ; 6.Stephan Demartis (FRA, Yamaha); 7.Manuel Rivas; 8.Jean Sébastien Roy; 9.Marc Ristori; 10.Pierrick Paget (SWI, Honda); etc….

Standings SX Tour after 8 events (including foreigners): 1.Leuret, 256 pts; 2.Demartis, 228; 3.Rouis, 189; 4.Coulon, 135; 5.Paget, 109; 6.Musquin (FRA, Yamaha), 86; 7.Nambotin (FRA, Yamaha), 89; 8.Begue, 79; 9.Rivas 61; 10.Ristori 60; etc….

Standings French Championship Open after 8 events: 1.Leuret 289 pts; 2.Demartis, 259; 3.Rouis, 235; 4.Coulon, 158; 5.Musquin, 108; 6.Begue 105; 7.Nambotin, 89; 8 Beaudoin (FRA, Suzuki), 67; 9.Mannevy (FRA, Yamaha), 67; 10.Pichon (FRA, Honda), 50; etc…

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