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Winner of the last round of the MX3 FIM Motocross World Championship, Yves Demaria and KTM won the 2004 title in Sevlievo (Bulgaria) this weekend. The French rider clinched his first individual title (he was member of the French Tam winner of the Motocross of Nations in 2000) after a difficult season.

Second in the first heat behind Italian Daniele Bricca, who got the pole position on Saturday, Yves Demaria wanted to end the season with the GP win, as Everts or Townley did in Irlande one day earlier. Fourth at the start of the second moto he came quite easily to the lead and won this last race of the season. “They put a lot of water before the first heat, and I made a wrong choice of tyre as the track dried really fast” said Demaria after the race. “In the first corner Bricca tried to push me outside but I was taking care and decided to secure my second place as he was really excited and nervous. I’d a pretty good start in the following race, and wanted to win it. I passed both Beggi and Bricca and proved that I was the strongest this year. It was not an easy season with only five races between April and September, a broken chain in France and I had a lot of pressure from the medias and the factory. Everybody was expecting me to win this title, and I’m so happy to get it. I’ve worked really hard during fourteen years to reach my goal, I’d a couple of injuries and many GP wins, and today I got it finally,” explained Demaria who was seriously injured to the vertebras last year.

In the 125 European championship three riders were expecting the title: Pierre Alexandre Renet, Mattii Seistola and Alex Salvini. None of them won the event; French Nicolas Aubin won the first heat, his countrymen Christophe Pourcel won the second one and the overall. Scoring the same number of points with a 2nd and a 3rd position, Seistola clinched the title by only one point to Salvini! Previous leader Renet had a bad result in the first race (8th) and was battling for the 2nd place in the last round when he crashed.

MX3 Classification. First heat: 1.Bricca (ITA, Honda); 2.Demaria (FRA, KTM); 3.Beggi (ITA, Honda); 4.Breugelmans (BEL, KTM); 5.Zerava (CZE, KTM); 6.Godrie (BEL, Honda); 8.Kragelj (SLO, Yamaha); 9.Moze (SLO, Honda); 10.Lindhe (SWE, Honda); etc…. Second heat: 1.Demaria; 2.Bricca; 3.Breugelmans; 4.Beggi; 5.Zarava; 6.Kucirek (CZE, Honda); 7.Kragelj; 8.Moze; 9.Bobkovs (LAT, KTM); 10.Lindhe; etc…

World Championship final classification: 1.Demaria, 256; 2.Beggi, 235; 3.Bricca, 207; 4.Breugelmans, 166; 5.Godrie, 140; 6.Zarava, 132; 7.Kragelj, 131; 8.Kucirek, 126; etc…

European 125 Classification. First heat: 1.Aubin (FRA, KTM); 2.Seistola (FIN, Honda); 3.Salvini (ITA, Yamaha); 4.Pourcel (FRA, Kawasaki); 5.Tarroux (FRA, Suzuki); 6.Cinelli (ITA, Honda); 7.Mossini (ITA, Yamaha); 8.Renet (FRA, Yamaha); etc….Second heat: 1.Pourcel; 2.Salvini; 3.Seistola; 4.Tarroux; 5.Cinelli; 6.Renet; 7.Mossini; 8.Aubin; etc…

European Championship final classification: 1.Seistola, 171; 2.Salvini, 170; 3.Renet, 161 ; 4.Cinelli, 148; 5.Tarroux, 145; 6.C.Pourcel, 142; 7.Aubin, 121; 8.Mossini, 109; etc….

For more info and results check the official web site of the FIM Motocross World Championships:


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