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Double win for Yves Demaria – Mx2k

Double win for Yves Demaria


Favourite of the MX3 World Championship, Yves Demaria is for the first time of the season leading the series after his double win in Schwanenstadt (Austria). The factory KTM rider got the pole position yesterday and dominated both races today; starting both heats in the top five, he took the lead later and won easily. “Since I started this championship I’ve a lot of pressure, as everyone expect me to win the title. Unfortunately I had a DNF in France, and this bad result put some more pressure. Here I had two pretty easy races, but after the first heat I was a little bit disappointed to see Beggi in second position, as I needed to close the gap! I think I put some pressure on him, he crashed twice in the second heat and I’m happy to lead the championship before the last GP in Romania. It was important for me to win the two races today on this historical track” said Demaria. Second and eleventh, Christian Beggi is now second in the standings, twelve points behind Demaria; his countryman Daniele Bricca, third and second, finished the event in second, followed by Belgian Sven Breugelmans fourth and third.

Losing the MX3 GP, the Italians took their revenge in the 125 European championship, beating the frenchies. Second of the first heat behind Jeremy Tarroux, Fabio Mossini won the second race and the overall classification; third and second Alex Salvini finished runner-up and came back third in the championship behind French Pierre Alexandre Renet and Finn Matti Seistola. They are the main favourites for the title, even if Alessandro Cinelli and Tarroux have also a chance to get the title. Fifth in the first heat, Renet did a strong second moto coming back from tenth (he was third when another rider hit a tyre and sent it on the track; Renet crashed) to third, while Christophe Pourcel retired in the first heat with a broken rear brake pedal.

The next and last round will be the GP of Bulgaria next week, on the track of Sevlievo.

Yves Demaria: “I had a fantastic day here in Schwanenstadt.  In both motos I took it easy for the first 10 to 15 minutes and concentrated on riding smoothly.  By the time I took over first place, I was in the right rhythm and won relatively easy.  Second moto was really good for me since Beggi crashed in the start and I was able to close the gap to Beggi in the championship.  I’m really happy that I’m leading the championship now.”

Sven Breugelmans: “The first moto was going perfect for the first 15 minutes.  When Yves passed me, I tried to stay in his wheel but he was simply faster today.  Unfortunately I stalled my bike, and saw Beggi and Bricca coming by.  I felt I could have done better than my 4th place.  In the second moto I was riding more relaxed and I took 3rd place. I’m really happy to be on the podium here in Schwanenstadt and I’m looking forward to do even better next week in Bulgaria.”

MX3 Classification.

First heat: 1.Demaria (FRA, KTM); 2.Beggi (ITA, Honda); 3.Bricca (ITA, Honda); 4.Breugelmans (BEL, KTM); 5.Zerava (CZE, KTM); 6.Manneh (ITA, KTM); 7.Godrie (BEL, Honda); 8.Machtlinger (AUT, Honda); 9.Kadlecek (CZE, Yamaha); 10.Staufer (AUT, Yamaha); etc….

Second heat: 1.Demaria; 2.Bricca; 3.Breugelmans; 4.Bobkovs (LAT, KTM); 5.Kadlecek; 6.Godrie; 7.Kucirek (CZE, Honda); 8.Kragelj (SLO, Yamaha); 9.Manneh; 10.Machtlinger; etc…

World Championship standings: 1.Demaria, 209; 2.Beggi, 197; 3.Bricca, 160; 4.Breugelmans, 128; 5.Godrie, 117; 6.Kragelj, 103; 7.Zerava, 100; 8.Kucirek, 98; 9.Nemeth (HUN, KTM), 84; 10.Bobkovs, 83; etc…

European 125 Classification.

First heat: 1.Tarroux (FRA, Suzuki); 2.Mossini (ITA, Yamaha); 3.Salvini (ITA, Yamaha); 4.Seistola (FIN, Honda); 5.Renet (FRA, Yamaha); 6.Grelier (FRA, Kawasaki); 7.Lombrici (ITA, Yamaha); 8.Frossard (FRA, Husqvarna); 9.Fally (AUT, Kawasaki); 10.Cinelli (ITA, Honda); etc….

Second heat: 1.Mossini; 2.Salvini; 3.Renet; 4.Tarroux; 5.C.Pourcel (FRA, Kawasaki); 6.Seistola; 7.Van Hastenberg (NED, KTM); 8.Aubin (FRA, KTM); 9.Lombrici; 10.Sandouly (FRA, Yamaha); etc…

European Championship standings: 1.Renet, 133; 2.Seistola, 129; 3.Salvini, 128; 4.Cinelli, 117; 5.Tarroux, 111; 6.C.Pourcel, 99; 7.Aubin, 83; 8.Mossini, 81; 9.Lombrici, 80; 10.Grelier, 57; etc….

Next and last event : GP of Bulgaria in Sevlievo (September 11th-12th)

For more info and results check the official web site of the FIM Motocross World Championships:
Info MediaPress, KtmPress – Photo A. Hodgkinson


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