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James Stewart: 2004 Ama Chevrolet 125 Motocross Champion – Mx2k

James Stewart: 2004 Ama Chevrolet 125 Motocross Champion


James “Bubba” Stewart earned his second AMA Chevrolet 125 Motocross Championship by winning Sunday on his Kawasaki KX125 at Broome-Tioga Sport Center in rural Binghamton, N.Y. Stewart earned the title with two rounds remaining in the championship. It marks one of the earliest points in series history that the championship has been clinched.

The title will be Stewart’s last in the 125 class, at least for the foreseeable future. The 18-year-old from Haines City, Fla., is slated to race in the 250 class for Kawasaki starting in 2005. Stewart’s title could very well mark the end of another era. His championship could mark the final motocross championship won on a two-stroke motorcycle. In recent years four-stroke machines have become the dominant force in motocross racing. Stewart rode one of the few two-strokes in the 125 series this year.

 “It’s great to win another championship,” said Stewart, who also won this title in 2002. “This has been just about a perfect season. Kawasaki really gave me a great bike and I’m happy that maybe I’ll be the last one to win the 125 class on a two-stroke. Four-strokes are definitely the future of our sport, but I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the two-stroke bikes I, just like most other motocross racers, grew up racing.”

 Stewart adds the 2004 AMA 125 Motocross Championship to his trophy case, which already holds the 2002 AMA 125 Motocross Championship, two AMA 125 Supercross titles from both the East and West regions, a record 11 AMA amateur championships and the 2001 AMA Horizon Award.

 Although the championship is decided, Stewart still has unfinished business. If he wins one of the two remaining rounds he will become the all-time wins leader in AMA 125 Motocross racing history, surpassing Ricky Carmichael. He could also break his own AMA 125 Motocross single-season record of 10 wins should he take victory in the remaining two rounds.

 “James Stewart is a very special talent,” said Steve Whitelock, AMA Motocross & Supercross Series Manager, who presented Stewart his No. 1 plate on the Binghamton podium. “I have a feeling people will be talking about this championship for many years to come and the fans who had a chance to see James race this year saw a piece of racing history.”

1st heat 125cc : 1.James M Stewart, 2.Broc D Hepler, 3.Michael L Brown, 4.David D Millsaps, 5.Ivan Tedesco, 6.Christopher Gosselaar,7.Greg S Schnell, 8.Troy K Adams, 9.Ryan Mills, 10.Brett Metcalfe, 11.Ryan Sipes, 12.Paul P Carpenter, 13.Matt Walker, 14.Danny L Smith, 15.Joshua Summey, 16.Brian W Gray,17.Tucker J Hibbert, 18.Gavin L Gracyk, 19.Justin F Keeney, 20.Tim E Weigand, 21.Christopher R Whitcraft, 22.Sean T Collier, 23.Kyle J Mace, 24.Michael A Brandes, 25.Steve Boniface,26.Jacob Marsack , 27.Aaron M Dieter, 28.Zackary J Lundy, 29.Levi A Reid, 30.Jeff S Northrop, 31.Daryl Hurley, 32.Matthieu Lalloz, 33.Donnie Mcgourty, 34.Nicolas J Evennou, 35.Joshua P Woods, 36.Kyle Partridge, 37.Jesse Casillas,38.Branden L Jesseman ,39.Andrew T Short ,40.Kelly D Smith

2nd heat 125cc : 1.James M Stewart, 2.David D Millsaps, 3.Broc D Hepler, 4.Troy K Adams, 5.Matt Walker, 6.Danny L Smith, 7.Michael L Brown, 8.Ivan Tedesco,9.Christopher Gosselaar , 10.Greg S Schnell,11.Ryan Mills, 12.Brett Metcalfe, 13.Tim E Weigand, 14.Kelly D Smith,15.Ryan Sipes, 16.Joshua Summey, 17.Sean T Collier, 18.Joshua P Woods, 19.Levi A Reid, 20.Gavin L Gracyk, 21.Nicolas J Evennou, 22.Branden L Jesseman, 23.Kyle J Mace,24.Christopher R Whitcraft, 25.Tucker J Hibbert, 26.Zackary J Lundy, 27.Jacob Marsack , 28.Aaron M Dieter, 29.Michael A Brandes, 30.Brian W Gray, 31.Kyle Partridge, 32.Justin F Keeney, 33.Donnie Mcgourty, 34.Paul P Carpenter, 35.Steve Boniface, 36.Andrew T Short, 37.Daryl Hurley, 38.Matthieu Lalloz, 39.SJeff S Northrop, 40.Jesse Casillas

125cc : 1.J. Stewart, 2.B. Hepler, 3.D. Millsaps, 4.M. Brown, 5.T. Adams, 6.I. Tedesco, 7.C. Gosselaar, 8.G. Schnell, 9.M. Walker, 10.D. Smith, 11.R. Mills, 12.B. Metcalfe, 13.R. Sipes, 14.J. Summey, 15.T. Weigand, 16.P. Carpenter, 17.K. Smith, 18.B. Gray, 19.S. Collier, 20.G. Gracyk,21.T. Hibbert, 22.J. Woods, 23.L. Reid, 24.J. Keeney, 25.C. Whitcraft, 26.K. Mace, 27.J. Marsack, 28.M. Brandes, 29.Z. Lundy, 30.N. Evennou, 31.A. Dieter, 32.B. Jesseman, 33.S. Boniface, 34.D. Mcgourty, 35.K. Partridge, 36.D. Hurley, 37.J. Northrop, 38.M. Lalloz, 39.A. Short, 40.J. Casillas

125cc : 1.J. Stewart.475 Pts, 2.B. Hepler.338 Pts, 3.M. Brown.320 Pts, 4.N. Ramsey.250 Pts, 5.M. Walker.226 Pts, 6.I. Tedesco.211 Pts, 7.J. Grant.200 Pts , 8.D. Millsaps.193 Pts, 9.D. Smith.181 Pts, 10.R. Mills.174 Pts, 11.R. Hughes.158 Pts, 12.K. Smith.154 Pts, 13.T. Adams.152 Pts, 14.C. Gosselaar.148 Pts, 15.G. Schnell.144 Pts, 16.B. Metcalfe.112 Pts, 17.P. Carpenter.111 Pts, 18.S. Roncada.104 Pts, 19.D. Hurley.84 Pts, 20.B. Gray.73 Pts, 21.B. Sellards.62 Pts, 22.E. Sorby.46 Pts, 23.J. Summey.42 Pts, 24.R. Sipes.37 Pts, 25.T. Weigand.36 Pts, 26.S. Collier.36 Pts, 27.S. Lamson.36 Pts,28.B. Jesseman.35 Pts, 29.J. Hansen.31 Pts, 30.M. Blose.28 Pts, 31.M. Goerke.24 Pts, 32.A. Short.22 Pts, 33.B. Johnson.18 Pts, 34.R. Morais.17 Pts, 35.G. Swanepoel.16 Pts, 36.T. Reif.16 Pts,37.R. Thain.14 Pts , 38.J. Woods.13 Pts, 39.M. Lalloz.12 Pts, 40.G. Gracyk.11 Pts

1st heat 250cc : 1.Ricky Carmichael, 2.Chad Reed, 3.Kevin W Windham, 4.Sebastien Tortelli, 5.Joaquim Rodrigues,6.Sean D Hamblin, 7.Ernesto Fonseca, 8.Heath D Voss, 9.Nicholas A Wey, 10.Kyle Lewis,11.Michael Byrne , 12.Craig Anderson,13.Rodrig Thain ,14.Blair G Morgan,15.David Vuillemin ,16.Rusty Holland ,17.Jason W Thomas , 18.Tyson D Hadsell, 19.Jeff Gibson, 20.Evan L Laughridge,21.Mark Eastwood , 22.Justin Buckelew,23.Adam M Mennenga, 24.Brad M Modjewski,25.Jack Carpenter, 26.Barry Carsten, 27.Jon P Boruff, 28.Brian S Mason,29.Jason J Harper, 30.Damien L Plotts, 31.Matthew P Maximoff, 32.Jeremy D Tiffany, 33.Dustin G Pulley, 34.Caleb A Miller, 35.Ron Boyas,36.William A Browning, 37.Jeansebastien Roy, 38.John Dowd, 39.Clark Stiles, 40.Richie Owens

2nd heat 250cc : 1.Ricky Carmichael, 2.Chad Reed, 3.Ernesto Fonseca, 4.Sebastien Tortelli, 5.David Vuillemin, 6.Nicholas A Wey, 7.Joaquim Rodrigues,8.Sean D Hamblin,9.Heath D Voss,10.Michael Byrne, 11.Jeff Gibson, 12.Kevin W Windham, 13.Jason W Thomas, 14.Rodrig Thain, 15.Craig Anderson, 16.Clark Stiles, 17.Richie Owens, 18.Justin Buckelew, 19.Blair G Morgan, 20.Mark Eastwood, 21.Barry Carsten, 22.Jack Carpenter, 23.William A Browning, 24.Rusty Holland, 25.Brian S Mason, 26.Adam M Mennenga, 27.Tyson D Hadsell, 28.Jason J Harper, 29.Caleb A Miller, 30.Ron Boyas, 31.Brad M Modjewski, 32.Evan L Laughridge, 33.Jeremy D Tiffany, 34.Dustin G Pulley, 35.Jon P Boruff, 36.Matthew P Maximoff, 37.Kyle Lewis, 38.Damien L Plotts, 39.SJeansebastien Roy, 40.SJohn Dowd

1.R. Carmichael, 2.C. Reed, 3.S. Tortelli, 4.E. Fonseca, 5.J. Rodrigues, 6.K. Windham, 7.S. Hamblin,8.N. Wey, 9.H. Voss, 10.D. Vuillemin, 11.M. Byrne, 12.R. Thain, 13.C. Anderson, 14.J. Gibson, 15.J. Thomas, 16.K. Lewis, 17.B. Morgan, 18.C. Stiles,19.R. Holland, 20.R. Owens, 21.J. Buckelew, 22.T. Hadsell, 23.M. Eastwood, 24.E. Laughridge, 25.B. Carsten, 26.J. Carpenter, 27.A. Mennenga, 28.B. Mason, 29.B. Modjewski, 30.J. Harper, 31.W. Browning, 32.J. Boruff, 33.C. Miller, 34.R. Boyas, 35.J. Tiffany, 36.D. Pulley, 37.M. Maximoff, 38.D. Plotts, 39.J. Roy, 40.J. Dowd

1.R. Carmichael.500 Pts, 2.C. Reed.406 Pts, 3.K. Windham.384 Pts, 4.D. Vuillemin.316 Pts, 5.M. Byrne.258 Pts, 6.E. Fonseca.245 Pts, 7.N. Wey.237 Pts, 8.H. Voss.207 Pts,9.S. Tortelli.200 Pts, 10.S. Hamblin.155 Pts,11.J. Rodrigues.149 Pts, 12.T. Ferry.142 Pts, 13.J. Thomas.135 Pts, 14.C. Anderson.118 Pts, 15.K. Lewis.117 Pts, 16.C. Stiles.83 Pts, 17.R. Clark.81 Pts, 18.J. Gibson.63 Pts, 19.R. Thain.60 Pts, 20.J. Aubert.58 Pts, 21.J. Povolny.49 Pts, 22.C. Johnson.43 Pts, 23.R. Holland.32 Pts, 24.E. Lusk.29 Pts, 25.J. Roy.29 Pts, 26.M. Larocco.27 Pts, 27.J. Dowd.26 Pts, 28.D. Huffman.24 Pts,29.D. Dehaan.22 Pts, 30.K. Johnson.21 Pts, 31.P. Paget.21 Pts, 32.B. Stratton.17 Pts, 33.R. Abrigo.16 Pts, 34.J. Oehlhof.15 Pts, 35.B. Morgan.14 Pts, 36.B. Modjewski.13 Pts, 37.M. Corder.12 Pts, 38.B. Mason.12 Pts, 39.J. Buckelew.11 Pts, 40.J. Neese.10 Pts

Photos © Steve Bruhn

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