Overall victory for Yves Demaria in Romania


Round 4 of the MX3 World Championship was the first ever GP in Romania. Breugelmans and Demaria both got a good start. After 2 laps Sven Breugelmans had moved up to first place, while Hungarian rider Kornel Nemeth was in second followed by Yves Demaria in third. When technical problems forced Breugelmans to retire, Nemeth inherited the lead and was on his way to victory in the first moto. Behind Nemeth, Yves Demaria held on to second place just before Christian Beggi.

In the second heat Kornel Nemeth grabbed the holeshot with Breugelmans in second. Nemeth soon took over first position and started pulling away from the rest. That was the sign for Demaria to start charging and a few laps later he was right behind Nemeth. What followed then was a classic motocross battle with two riders giving it all they got. Demaria won the fight and the overall victory in Romania was his. By doing so, Demaria has narrowed the margin with current championship points leader Beggi down to 6 points.

Race 1
1. Kornel Nemeth HUN KTM
2. Yves Demaria FRA KTM
3. Christian Beggi ITA Honda
4. Bader Manneh USA KTM
5. Michael Kadlecek CZE Yamaha
6. Miroslav Kucirek CZE Honda
7. Aigars Bobkovs LAT KTM
8. Martin Zerava CZE KTM
9. Saso Kragelj SLO Yamaha
10. Daniele Bricca ITA Honda
Sven Breugelmans BEL KTM (DNF)

Race 2
1. Yves Demaria FRA KTM
2. Kornel Nemeth HUN KTM
3. Christian Beggi ITA Honda
4. Daniele Bricca ITA Honda
5. Sven Breugelmans BEL KTM
6. Martin Zerava CZE KTM
7. Michael Kadlecek CZE Yamaha
8. Miroslav Kucirek CZE Honda
9. Saso Kragelj SLO Yamaha
10. Stefano Dami ITA Honda

World Championship Classification MX3 after 4 rounds
1. Christian Beggi ITA Honda  165 points
2. Yves Demaria FRA KTM  159 points
3. Daniele Bricca ITA Honda  118 points
4. Sven Breugelmans BEL KTM  90 points
5. Christof Godrie BEL Honda  88 points
6. Kornel Nemeth HUN KTM  84 points
7. Saso Kragelj SLO Yamaha 82 points
8. Miroslav Kucirek CZE Honda  77 points
9. Trampas Parker USA Honda  76 points
10. Martin Zerava CZE KTM  76 points

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