Heath Voss Wants the THQ World Supercross GP Championship


Mach 1 Motorsport’s Heath Voss tied the THQ World Supercross GP points standings on the last lap in the main event in Pontiac, Mich., and has his eyes set on winning the $100,000 championship after finishing a disappointing second last season.

Q: What are the reasons you think you are going to win the THQ World Supercross GP championship?
Voss: Because I want it bad. I bust my butt 52 weeks a year for this and $100,000 bonus is a lot of money.

Q: What does being a world champion mean to you?
Voss: It would mean a lot to me. Donny Schmidt, who has passed away, was a good friend of mine and he was a huge inspiration to me. He won two world championships. Just to have a title like that would be a heck of an accomplishment.

Q: When you traveled to Europe in December when most of the teams were at home, do you think it was worth it for you ?
Voss: Oh yeah, I was looking forward to going there as soon as we left there last year. I had a flight planned there in August. I had a blast there the year before. I love Europe; it’s a great place and a great experience.

Q: What is your strategy for the rest of the season ?
Voss: I need to beat Damon at the next three races, for sure. I want to get a top three finish. I have never been able to do that, and this year, that has been my number one goal. This year, Mach 1 has given me everything possible to get on the podium and I have the potential to get up there, so that is what I really want out of these last three races.

Why is Damon Huffman not going to win the championship ?
Voss: Because I am not going to let him.

Q: How do you see Damon as a competitor ?
Voss: I have a lot of respect for Damon. Out of all of the guys who were eligible for the championship, I am glad that I am racing against him for it. Damon is a really respectable person, he is a two-time west coast supercross champion and has won a 250cc supercross before. It has been a lot of fun so far.

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