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The first ever MX3 World Championship held together with the 125 European Championship is happening this coming weekend in Italy (Asti) and the number of riders’ entries are astonishing. A record number of 110 have entered the 125 European class and 50 have put their names down to participate in the MX3 class. We have an increase of 30% to 50% of entries in Motocross as a whole – MX1 had requests from 59 riders (where there is only space for 30) and MX2 allows for 50 riders and had entries from 85 riders!! These statistics show an incredible growth of rider’s interest.

Many young riders are entering the 125 European Championship and MX3 shows many riders who have left MX1 and MX2, thus giving the correct level to every class.

Youthstream’s political view is to create (at a low cost for the organizers and riders) the 125 Continental Championship and MX3 into “selection classes” where riders will gain access by first proving themselves to be worthy for the MX1 and MX2 World Championship classes. 

Mr. Giuseppe Luongo said, “Despite negative rumours earlier in the season, it is fantastic to see that our political view is working well.  We have largely increased the number of entries and the number of events, and we have reduced the average age in every class (except MX3), showing that we give a lot of support to the young without forgetting about the other riders.”

“Our final goal remains the same,” continues Mr. Luongo, “To increase the value of the FIM Motocross World Championships and the two major points in doing so are; One: To bring more interest from the manufacturers and to remain having a strong partnership between FIM and MSMA by creating true World Championships that cover the whole world – especially where the motorcycle market is strong.  Two: Continue to increase the television and media coverage.

“The plans of Youthstream for the future of Motocross are very promising”, says FIM’s Motocross President, Wolfgang Srb, “I am excited about the challenge and the growth of the FIM Motocross World Championship on all the continents in the years to come”.

Below is a clear explanation where Youthstream wants to arrive with Motocross by 2006, in many cases they have already reached the goal.


85 and 125 EU: Unlimited entries with a maximum of 14 events per year (10x 125cc and 4x 85cc) on good circuits in order for young to be selected for the MX1 and MX2 classes.  These events will be held together with MX3.
MX3: Unlimited entries to permit good riders who are at the end of their career to continue racing (and show the young), and for the young riders who are not comfortable with bikes of low capacity to show themselves and prepare for the MX1.
MX2: Limited entries.  Professional riders who already have a high level of racing and a professional team.  MX2 is a very important class for the motorcycle market.
MX1:  Limited entries.  The Dream Class – where the top stars are and the young dream to be.  “The Champions League” – limited to the top riders and very professional teams.

Youthstream sees a perfect rider career as: 12-14 years  –  Continental 85cc
     14 – 17 years –  Contintenal 125cc
     17 – 22 years –  MX2
     22 – 32 years –  MX1
     32+ –    MX3

16 Grand Prix
11 Europe
1 Japan
1 South Africa
1 China
1 Australia
1 Brazil
1 USA – when possible

Entirely cover the 5 continents.

Photo (C) A. Hodgkinson


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